Baby and I enjoyed our baby massage sessions. What a pleasure to practice and see baby become more and more relaxed. My full body massage was also very pleasant, 1 month after delivery. It was a beautiful experience also thanks to Vanessa who adapted the appointments according to my rythm and that of baby.



Having subscribed to « my monthly colours » for 4 years, i can say that it is very useful. Vanessa knows nothing about my life but her colour messages are always relevant. She knows how to find the right words so that I feel understood, which is very reassuring. The advice allows me to stay focused on the basics, determine my needs and priorities. An efficient and playful way to do personal development.



I tried many services, from ayurvedics massages to chromatherapy, and was always satisfied. Vanessa has a good touch, i felt very relaxed after the massages and sometimes slept during them. Chromatherapy has been useful so as to reduce stress or solve some body problems and pains. This kind of therapy suits me very well because it isn’t invasive one. Vanessa is a very intuitive person and i can share with her all my worries and feelings. I highly recommend her!



I was interested by « Body’messages » and haven’t been disappointed! It was so amazing and true. An excellent personal check up so as to remain conscious about how your life influence your body.