Indian traditional massages can be at the same time dynamic and relaxing. It depends on what clients need and their constitution. These therapeutic cares, with a deep touch, can increase your well-being and reduce your stress level and muscle tension. Benefits are numerous…

I mainly use vegetal and organic oils, such as sesame or coconut, according to your sensorial preference or the season.

I offer a large panel of ayurvedic massages:

Abhyanga (full body massage), Shantala baby massage, Back massage, Face massage, Hand massage, Champissage, Foot massage (with kansu bowl).



You have a baby and would like to learn how to massage him/her?

I have great news for you! You will soon have  the opportunity to learn Shantala baby massage thanks to online private lessons.



A complete program with 3 sessions so as to:

  • learn the right moves
  • choose the most appropriate oil
  • be informed about the benefits
  • determine the best moment to practise with baby

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